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Strawberry and chocolate mousse

The strawberries take on a great colour and increased flavour mixed with a little lemon juice.  Use them to top this beautifully soft and yet really chocolatey vegan mousse for a special dessert


Serves 4-6 (see tip)

Prep time 15 minutes plus chilling


100g dark chocolate (vegan), roughly chopped

400g can chick peas

½ tsp white wine vinegar

2 tbsp icing sugar plus 1 tsp

250g strawberries

1 tsp lemon juice

6 mint leaves plus extra


1.   Melt the chocolate in the microwave or in a bowl over a pan of simmering water and set aside.

2.   Drain the chickpeas over a large bowl – it’s the water (aquafaba) you want; use the chickpeas for another recipes.  Use an electric whish to whisk the aquafaba until thick and holding its shape, whisk in the vinegar and continue whisking for a minute whilst the volume increases.  Gradually whisk in the 2 tbsp icing sugar and continue whisking for another minute. Gently fold through the chocolate and mint until well combined and smooth. Spoon into 4-6 serving dishes. Chill for an hour or so until just set.

3.   Hull and roughly chop the strawberries, mix with the lemon juice and a tsp of icing and set aside until needed.  To serve spoon the strawberries on top of the mousse.


This recipe serves 4 generously, but is quite rich so a small portion would serve 6 adequately.