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Strawberry Mallow Snakes

Have fun with the kids making these wiggly snakes!

Makes 4. Prep time 15 minutes.

20 strawberries, hulled
13 white marshmallows
4 strawberry laces
Edible googly eyes

1. Leave 4 strawberries whole for the face of each snake and halve the rest into rounds.
2. Cut 12 of the marshmallows into 2 smaller rounds to make 24 pieces.
3. Use a skewer to make a hole through the centre of each piece of strawberry and marshmallow. Then push the strawberry laces through the holes and thread pieces alternately to give a striped effect. Add the whole strawberry last and pull enough strawberry lace through for a tongue. Cut another piece of the lace and push this into the strawberry head to make a forked tongue.
4. Melt the remaining marshmallow in the microwave and use a little to glue on the eyes.