Debunking nutrition myths

We’re regularly bombarded with nutrition advice but how do we know what to believe? Does fruit have too much sugar? Should you eat a rainbow diet? Is it bad to eat fruit in the evening? 

British Berry Growers is on a mission to debunk nutrition myths and provide credible information to help set the record straight on nutrition, especially around fruit and berries.

To launch our mythbusting campaign, we hosted an expert panel event at the Hoxton Hotel in June with some of the top names in the nutrition world.

We discussed the how the rise of social media has increased the amount of nutrition misinformation, how you know if an expert is credible, where you should go to get nutrition advice, as well as some of the most surprising myths they have seen.

We have lots of exciting things planned with our panel, so check back for more information. If you have any questions around nutrition or myths, just drop us an email

We’ve worked with Fight the Fads to debunk some common nutrition myths, watch the videos on the Q&A page

Rhiannon Lambert - Rhitrition

Dr Rupy Aujla - Doctor’s Kitchen

Caroline Day - Fight The Fads

Nicholas Marston - British Berry Growers