Berry fun activities to keep your family entertained at home

As more people are looking for fun activities to keep their family entertained at home, we have developed an at-home sports day kit with lots of fun-filled activities! Try out our strawberry and spoon race, berry treasure hunt, relay race or sack race. There’s a scoresheet below so print it out and use to track times and points from each game.

We also love picnics during the summer, and they’re even better when full of berry goodies. We’ve included all our favourite picnic recipes on a picnic checklist! Pick your favourite recipes and snacks and enjoy a yummy picnic in your garden or local park.

If you take part in the Sports Day challenge or enjoy a berry picnic, please tag us @lovefreshberries or send your pictures to

Summer Picnic

22nd Jun 2020

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Summer is here and British berry season is underway, so what better way to enjoy the sunshine than
with a British berry themed picnic?

Love Fresh Berries has a range of delicious recipes perfect for a homemade picnic for all the family in your garden or the local park. Check out, and prepare for the perfect picnic!

We suggest you choose one or two dishes from each section, spend the morning preparing the yummy dishes and enjoy a delicious picnic!

Sports Day

22nd Jun 2020

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Your own berry sports day - including Sack Race, Berry Treasure Hunt, Strawberry & Spoon Race, Wimbledon Inspired Tennis Rally and a Relay Race.


Not everyone will have sacks lying around, so why not try using a bin bag or pillow case? Place both your legs inside, hold onto the top of the sack or bag and bounce your way to victory! Put the position you came on your scorecard, take a breather before the next game and snack on some juicy, British strawberries.


Grab your fresh berries and nominate a member of the family to be the ‘hider’. Whoever that is, spend 10 minutes hiding berries around the house and garden then let the rest of your family lose to try and find them! Set a timer of 5 minutes and see how many you can discover (try not to eat any when you find them!) Whoever finds the most berries is the winner – and pop the number found on your scorecard!


We’ve all heard of egg and spoon, but why not try a British summer favourite and balance a fresh strawberry on your spoon. Whoever can run the length of your garden the quickest without dropping the strawberry wins! Note down your times on your scorecard.


Wimbledon may have been cancelled this year but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy tennis in the garden! Grab whatever rackets you have (tennis, badminton etc) and a soft ball and see how many times you can hit the ball to each other without it dropping. If you don’t have rackets, why not throw the ball instead and see how many times you can throw without dropping it? Make sure you put the number of times on the scorecard!


Split your family into team Blueberries or team Raspberries. Decide the number of lengths of your garden you need to run, find something to use as a baton and race! Make sure you time the race and the quickest time wins! Don’t forget to write your times on the scorecard or there won’t be any Eton Mess for afters!