Rammed with vitamin C, Raspberries are the perfect snack to support your immune system. 

  • Raspberries are full of nutrients and antioxidants.
  • Just one cup of raspberries contains 12% of your RDA of Vitamin K which supports healthy bones.
  • Studies have also indicated that eating raspberries could help prevent and manage diabetes by helping to reduce glucose levels after consumption. A study which investigated people with ‘pre-diabetes’ and insulin resistance, found that people who ate berries for breakfast had reduced glucose levels 2-hours later. Similarly, the second study also suggested that eating berries was linked to lower blood sugar levels.
  • As well as being delicious, raspberries are highly nutritious. Ranked near the top of all fruits for antioxidant strength, they are particularly rich in ellagic acid, quercetin and anthocyanins – all powerful antioxidants which have proven health benefits and help protect the body against disease.


Nutritional Information

Raspberries 80g
Calories (kcal)20
Fat (g)0.2
Saturates (g)0.1
Total sugars (g)3.7
Salt (g)0
Fibre (g)2
Folate (mcg)26 (13% RDA)
Vitamin C (mg)26 (32% RDA)
Vitamin E (mg)0.38 (3% RDA)
Manganese (mg)0.32 (15% RDA)



A huge selection of raspberry varieties are available throughout the British season, which include:

  • BerryWorld’s Sapphire – BerryWorld’s Sapphire is a naturally larger raspberry variety with a sweeter taste and luxurious velvety texture.  These premium raspberries are extremely moreish and loved by consumers!
  • Driscoll's® Maravilla™ – A versatile, plump and fine flavoured berry which freezes well and does not bleed
  • Lagorai - The fruit has a conical form, red colour and a very good size, is firm and has a good flavour
  • Paragon – mostly harvested in August and September, the fruit offers a consistent exquisite flavour eating experience
  • Adelita - an attractive, fleshy raspberry with good colouring. It has a sweet taste with a slight tart flavour, and also has a high level of folic acid, potassium, and is low in sodium, making it a highly beneficial health food for regular consumption.
  • Kwanza - a top-class raspberry. This primocane raspberry variety is distinguished by its very large fruit size and its bright orange red colour. Other features are good flavour and excellent shelf life.
  • Berryworld Jewell - distinctive for its large, plump cone shape, strong raspberry aroma and sweet, tangy taste



British raspberries are available to enjoy from June until November. For the rest of the year, Raspberries are supplied from Spain, Morocco and the USA:

Country of Origin and Seasonal Summary
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MoroccoXXXXX      X