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New name and new website for Love Fresh Berries

23rd Oct 2018

Seasonal Berries (,  the campaign to promote fresh berry consumption in the UK, has been renamed to Love Fresh Berries and has a new website at

Formerly known as Seasonal Berries (, the campaign run by the grower cooperative British Summer Fruits has been renamed to Love Fresh Berries, and has a new website at

Bumper autumn for berries

16th Oct 2018


Despite cold weather setting in and Christmas looming, it seems consumers are still keen to tuck into delicious fresh berries. Berry sales have continued strongly throughout autumn, with consumers enjoying a season of mellow fruitfulness.


The past month has seen the value of the berry share of the fresh fruit market increase to 24 percent. Blueberries and raspberries have experienced the biggest growth out of all berries.


And autumn and winter months are the perfect time to enjoy the delectable berry as a pick-me-up. Dr Emma Derbyshire, British Summer Fruits’ public health nutritionist, explained:  "Berries are a great healthy snack that offer an abundant source of vitamins, minerals and phyto (plant) nutrients all of which have been linked to a wide range of health benefits.


“Research from the University of Reading[1] has revealed that consuming berries in the morning could sustain or improve cognitive function for up to six hours after consumption.  Snacking on punnets of berries is a great and easy way to boost our fruit intake and improve concentration and cognitive performance." 


Over the past year, sales of berries have increased in the UK and consumption of fresh berries has grown by over 200 percent since 2007. The rise in demand comes from an increase in the number of health-conscious Brits, who recognise the nutritional benefits berries pack for every calorie consumed. Berries now make up a remarkable 24 percent of all fruit sold in the UK, and this has pushed the value of the berry industry over £1.3 billion[2].


[1]Whyte, R., Cheng, N., Lamport, D., Butler, L, & Williams,C.M. (2017) Polyphenol rich mixed berries maintain cognitive function over a 6 hour period. School of Pscyhology and Clinical Language Sciences, University of Reading, United Kingdon.


[2] Kantar data across 52 weeks, week ending 4th November 2018

Strawberries – The Perfect Bite of Winter Vitamin C

1st Oct 2018


The clocks have gone back, our summer wardrobes have been packed away and we’re starting to plan for Christmas. It’s official, winter is here. There’s a lot to celebrate about winter but colder weather and darker days also means the start of the dreaded cold and flu season.

Dr Emma Derbyshire, registered Public Health Nutritionist, shares her top tips for how to stay healthy and keep your immune system strong this winter.


“When we layer up with jumpers and coats there is also the temptation to relax our eating habits and warm up with wintery indulgences. The good news is, there is plenty that can be done to help stay healthy this winter.


Tip 1 – Stay hydrated. Even when the weather gets colder don’t forget to drink plenty of water at regular intervals throughout the day. 


Tip 2 – Avoid over-eating to warm up and try to include exercise into your daily routine.


Tip 3 – Snack on fresh fruits such as strawberries to provide a daily vitamin C boost. Strawberries also provide vitamin K, manganese, folic acid, potassium, riboflavin, vitamin B5, B6, copper, magnesium and phytonutrients so make the perfect healthy winter snack.


Tip 4 – Eat foods that naturally have a high nutrient density – fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.


Tip 5 – Keep track of meal and snack frequency. It can be very easy for seasonal extras to creep into diets which can drive up salt and saturated fat intakes - so keep a log handy.


Berries are the perfect example of a winter snack that are full of vitamin C. For example, just 7 strawberries (80g – a portion) provide the recommended daily amount of vitamin C[1] which contributes to the normal function of the immune system along with the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.[2] Strawberries can be enjoyed on the go, used to brighten up lunchboxes or popped into reusable snack pots for a quick winter vitamin C boost.